Smash World Tour: New Esports pathway for Smash Ultimate and Melee

 Smash World Tour: New Esports pathway for Smash Ultimate and Melee

Smash World Tour officially announces with all the information for Smash Esports 2020. The new global path of the road to Smash Esports comes with more than 25 official global events. All around the globe, numerous tournaments shall be a part of this new format to choose the best players found in the game.

The news comes with all the information of the year consequently leading up to the championships in December. The announcement comes with the official website. This is their comment about its prospects:

“We are incredibly excited to announce the first-ever Smash World Tour, an international tournament series for Ultimate AND Melee!

In its first year, it will have stops all over the globe, both big and small gradually leading up to the Smash World Tour Championships with a combined starting prize pool of $250,000! The Smash community has so many amazing events throughout the year around the world, our goal is to help unify them and take it to the next level.

Who will be crowned World Champion?”

Tournaments shall span over 7 countries. This comes with prospects to host the growth of Smash Esports at every level. Three tiers shall decide the participants. Platinum is the highest, with Gold as the middle ground, and Silver as the lowest. The Smash World Tour orates player encouragement, hence working for better growth of the games’ Esports overall.

The finals shall conclude with the Prize-pool of over US$ 250,000. The Finals in December will thus conclude the ten-month series with the top players being flown to Smash World Finals.

The compact list of tournaments under the Smash World Tour will start off with CEO Dreamland in Orlando i.e. Gold Tier participants will participate in this. Afterward, there will be four Platinum Tier tourneys in Canada, France, MD, and Japan. Other tournament names in the Smash World Tour list are the Battle of BC4, CEO 2020 along with many more.

This Tour shall be the basis of the fighting genre that showed that Super Smash Bros. has come up to beat other titles like Tekken and Street Fighter and becoming the best fighting game of the previous year. The Game Awards previously showcased the game’s class and reach beyond the masses and shows once more with the introduction of the Smash World Tour.

The official site comprises all the information of the schedule. There will be updates of Standings as the Tour goes on this year. Hosted local Tournaments can also join the tour with the tour schedule statement as follows:

“In its first year, the Smash World Tour will have over 25 official stops spanning over 7 countries! The participating SWT Platinum and Gold events are listed below, check back as more TBA events are revealed!

To see all of our Silver opt-in events or to find out how your tournament can join the tour, head on over to our league page at SmashGG.