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Smash World Tour 2020 events postponed

The Smash World Tour 2020 introduced just recently the pathway of Smash Esports. As holding both Melee and Ultimate, the pathway distinguished itself by tiers from Platinum to Silver. This pathway was the first ever circuit of Super Smash Brothers.

Unfortunately, regrettable news have come forward. Platinum and Gold, two of the higher tier events, shall not commence for the time being. This is due to the health risks posing too big of a problem and thus, the Smash World Tour is postponed for the next few months.

The news broke out with Smash World Tour organizers releasing a full statement of the matter at hand. It reads as the following via twitter:

POUND 2020 Maryland is therefore cancelled, and HFLAN being rescheduled to later this year. The Dreamland in Florida will take place but will not be giving SWT Tour points, as risk has eluded overall participation.

The hope is that later on this year, the Corona pandemic would cease to be a health risk. WHO is monitoring the situation and treatment shall hopefully control the Corona Virus. There are no updates about the later half of the year, but hope is it shall hold better prospects than these first months.

The Corona Pandemic has made over a thousand cases in USA alone, the numbers given by World Health Organization. The spread of the disease has made a large thread to many countries. Due to to this, the US has even imposed travel bans to tackle the escalation. Many other Esports and mass populous events have not been able to remain unaffected.

As for the Smash World Tour, the silver events that have opt in options will still hold throughout the world. Impositions state that attendees be careful and not risk their health. Many events have opted to online play for safety as well. For the time being, the current year has been a bane for esports and people alike.

Later future news shall tell what holds for Smash Esports this year. To check which ongoing events you can join, visit the official site whose link is in the next sentence.

For any more news on Smash World Tour, check their Official Website. For the full description, you can always check our Smash World Tour Introduction article.


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