Shroud Talks About Why Warzone Is Better Than Apex Legends

 Shroud Talks About Why Warzone Is Better Than Apex Legends

Infinity Ward recently released a new Call of Duty battle royale game called Warzone, and players from all over the world are enjoying it. Its success can be seen from the fact that the game has been downloaded by more than 15 million players in just four days. Other than regular players, professional streamers have also stopped playing other games just to focus on Warzone. One of these streamers is Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek.

Shroud is considered as one of the top streamers in the world. He was considered as the King of Twitch until he moved to another streaming platform, Mixer. The former CS:GO pro is known for daily streaming some popular titles including Apex Legends. However, since Warzone was released, Shroud has taken a break from every other game to play it. Not only this, but he even praised the game and claimed that it is better than Apex.

Shroud’s Warzone Experience

When Modern Warfare was first released, it was criticized for various things. However, Warzone has changed everything as its sudden success has helped with increasing the reputation of the franchise. During his recent Mixer stream, Shroud claimed that although Warzone is “chaotic as f**k,” the game is still fun.

What Shroud admires the most about Warzone is its scale. He claimed that he doesn’t give Apex Legends “exception at all” but Warzone is a different case. He absolutely loves it and calls it impressive from a developer standpoint. While comparing it to Apex, Shroud added Warzone runs better with ” four times the population, four times the loot, the chaos, the map size ⁠— everything. It’s impressive.”

We all know that this isn’t the first time we’re seeing Shroud targeting Apex Legends. In the past few months, there have been many times when the streamer has talked negatively about the game. Although he once claimed that Apex season 4 had him excited to play the game again, this hasn’t changed anything at all. He also called the latest Deja Loot LTM of Respawn’s battle royale “terrible.”

Other than Shroud, different streamers are praising Warzone for its amazing gameplay. Just recently, Dr. Disrespect described his experience in Warzone as “silky smooth.” He also labeled the map as one of the best ever. In any case, the battle royale is going strong and we’ll get to know in a few days whether it will manage to break Apex’s first-week record or not.

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