Rogue Warriors’ WeiYan handed a 2-year ban

 Rogue Warriors’ WeiYan handed a 2-year ban

Rogue Warriors come in the headlines from the LPL Discipline Committee with their player WeiYan facing a 24-month ban.

The LPL has handed hefty punishment for both the player and his organization. It came to be known that the player was released as soon as accusations proved to be true. That, however, did not leave the Rogue Warriors avoiding the fine. They released a full statement on the circumstances on which both parties are being fined.

LPL Discipline Committee Twitter Statement:

It followed the organization subsiding the player’s involvement in matchmaking. This is, however, not the first time that such cases are coming forward. The organization faced a similar case last year in 2019 when the player Xiao Yao faced an 18-month ban. He also carried similar accusations for matchmaking.

Chinese teams succumb in lower tiers to cases such as these as this organization is not the only one coming with these types of circumstances. It, however, comes to the LPL notoriety that faces many cases of match-fixing. Albeit it leaves a poor stance for the organization that did not check its player’s involvement.

LPL also released a statement covering the reason for the hefty fine on the organization. It would suffice to future news how the organization reacts to this. It does raise brows if the performance would suffer from the roster that still does come with a replacement for one slot of the full roster. For now, Haro is playing instead. Their latest match after losing WeiYan against DMO resulted in a 0-2 loss.

WeiYan himself did not come out with comments on his ban and what he holds for the future. For now, he will be taking a long break due to the ban. Prospects will come forward after this duration ends, and whether he finds a home to take up his skills of the game.