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Riot Developer Portal Disappoints College Esports

Riot Games has released guidelines for tournaments. The guideline’s ninth point specifically states the guidelines for College and Highschool competitions. The set rules have come as a big disappointment.

Due to this, the rules have become a great barrier for highschool and college esports prospects for Riot Games’ titles. They state that college competitions cannot even carry words like Championship, Invitational, League, etc. The biggest hit comes for organizers who carry out high school competitions. They would additionally forfeit their rights completely towards the schools. This makes a barrier of performance and the groundwork for College Esports due to stifling guidelines. It is considered a hard guideline to follow with the prospect of success in the esports industry. College Esports shall face difficulty in holding Riot Games titled Esports Events.

Here are the full guidelines for College/Highschool Esports:

College and High School Competitions:

The following additional guidelines apply to Competitions intended explicitly for college and/or high school student audiences. All other Guidelines in this document still apply, including, but not limited to, competition fees, prize money, and IP usage.

  1. Scope
    1. Competitions must start and finish within 14 days.
    2. No more than 16 schools may participate in a given Competition
    3. Competitions may not be sponsored or sanctioned by an esports governing body.
  2. Event Title & Branding
    1. Competitions including more than 1 school must include “Invitational” in the event name.
    2. Competitions including only teams from 1 school must include “Intramural” in the event name.
    3. The name of your event cannot use the following words: Varsity, Season, Championship, Post-Season, League, or Playoffs.
  3. Use of Official School Marks
    1. Organizers must solicit any rights to use school, conference, or association trademarks, logos, and brands directly from those institutions.

The guidelines give Riot Games the exclusive full authoritative right to cancel any ongoing event under their name if it does or doe not violate these guidelines.

Another concern is the effect of a disapproved competition for college/school esports. Students would prove to partake in inofficial competitions this way. That would prove to give fewer numbers of students towards Esports careers. The overall College/school Esports prospects would take a blow due to this.

Only time shall tell what holds for College/Highschool Esports for Riot Games’ titles.

For the full guidelines, visit Riot Developer Portal.


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