Pokemon GO Updates continue to keep Player Base active

 Pokemon GO Updates continue to keep Player Base active

The month of March consists of plenty of awards for Pokemon Go users. Niantic continues with its event streaks for players, thus keeping the player base busy. The latest update shows a change of stats and qualities of shadow Pokemon.

New updates come full of bonuses such as the new Pokemon Thundurus for five-star raids. Along with that, there are chances to get Shadow Legendary Pokemon by defeating the Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. Stardust bonuses and exclusive catches are all the parts for bonuses for March.

The latest update shows changes to Shadow Pokemon. The full update blog goes as follows:


We’ve received reports of developments regarding Shadow Pokémon. Whatever Team GO Rocket is doing seems to be making these poor Pokémon stronger as long as they remain Shadow Pokémon. Details are as follows.

  • Shadow Pokémon now deal more damage with their Fast and Charged Attacks, but they also take more damage when attacked.
  • Powering up a Shadow Pokémon and teaching a Shadow Pokémon an additional Charged Attack now cost less Stardust and Candy.
  • Legendary Shadow Pokémon that you save from Giovanni are now more powerful.

During certain time periods, Shadow Pokémon might be able to forget the Charged Attack Frustration by learning a different Charged Attack with a Charged TM, though we haven’t figured out when that’ll be possible. Please stay tuned for more details.

Despite our efforts, Team GO Rocket is growing stronger and acquiring even more resources. We’re not sure how they’re doing this, but please know that we’re investigating how to fight back against these ruffians. Let’s stay strong, Trainers!”

This update adds to the previous, where the Spot-Light hour and Mystery Bonus Hour bonuses have been activated. Players can thus participate in specific times by playing Pokemon Go to avail rewards. Their blog reads as follow:

“Thank you, Trainers, for all your feedback on these experimental events! For the month of March, we are happy to report that we’ll continue testing these new ideas, but we wanted to provide some information in advance so you can prepare for these hour-long mini-events that are meant to compliment your gameplay.

  • Pokémon Spotlight Hour—You can expect a surprising amount of Pokémon appearing in the wild for one hour at 6:00 p.m. local time every Tuesday for the month of March.
  • Mystery Bonus Hour—This hour-long mini-event will return every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. local time during the month of March. You can expect bonuses for things like Candy, Stardust, or XP. Log in at 6:00 p.m. to see what the Mystery Bonus is!”

There is much more to March for Pokemon GO players as the Monthly Community Day gathers players to go out and socialize. The Safari Zone official Pokemon Go Regional Event is also a case in hand that shall showcase the largest player bases up and about in Philadelphia. Check out our Philadelphia Safari Zone Event article for more info on that.

For any more info on Pokemon GO, you can visit their Official Site and check up on all the specifics.