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Pokemon Go: Is It Worth It To Pay for A Pokemon?

Pokemon Go has remained a popular game since its debut. Getting the chance to capture your favorite Pokemon is something every fan of the series has always wanted. In order to keep players attached to the game, the developers host various events through which players are able to get their hands on some top-tier Pokemon. However, the ongoing special research story event has raised some serious questions from players.

At the moment, players are enjoying the latest special research story event. The most interesting thing about this event is that taking part in it can help you get the Mythical Genesect. Now, while this Pokemon is not easy to get and almost everyone wants to add it to their collection, some trainers are concerned about something else. Most of them are asking themselves whether it is really worth it to participate in this paid event and if it is fair to pay for a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has remained a free-to-play game since its release. Players have always enjoyed everything without worrying about paying for anything. However, when such free-to-play games start charging for some features, people start raising questions. In the case of this game, players are not happy with the fact that the developers have put a Pokemon behind a pay-wall.

Pokemon Go Event Cost

While something that it is greedy from the developers to put a Pokemon behind a pay-wall, others think that it is a smart business move. At the moment, anyone who’s interested in adding the Mythical Genesect to their collection must by a $7.99 ticket for the event. However, the thing which most players don’t realize is that they also unlock other rewards along with the Pokemon through such events. In fact, the rewards unlocked through such events cost more than $13 in the in-game shop. This means that you aren’t just paying for the Pokemon, but for several other items.

Players should also know that the Mythical Genesect will become free after some time. If you want it right now, then you can go ahead and spend $7.99 on the ticket. However, if you wait till April, then the Pokemon will become available in EX Raids. This is something that has happened in the past.

In any case, considering Pokemon is free to download, the developers need a way to generate revenue. Those who are not in favor of what the developers are doing, they can always search for other Pokemon.

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