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Pokemon closes all 2020 Championships scene

The Pokemon Company recently came forward for the 2020 Championships with unfortunate news for fans and the community. A newly released statement read that this 2020 year shall look to encompass no championship events for the franchise. This comes following the circumstances of the pandemic virus showing to affect events in the long run.

The statement reads that all 2020 Championships prospects jump to the next year. 2021 will revive the 2020 championships scene with global tournaments starting off once again. The cancelled events for this year included the European regional tournaments as well as others. For those that are cancelled, they will look to commence at the start of 2021 if the possibility of administration is found.

The Pokemon Company released this full statement on their Twitter, encompassing all types of tournaments. No points will allocate this year in any case. All administrable cases will shift to the next year. This will most probably be the year-end tourneys.

Full Statement release:

The Pokemon Company looks forward to seeing players anticipate their participation next year. Fans shall have to wait a while until the next tournament now.

News imposes a relative burden on future events. This year’s 2020 Championships skipping went through with the online scheme. However, the possibility was still not viable that looks to affect the company’s other sects as well. Tournament cancellation would be a case of lowering the burden on employees in the case of workloads shifting to the necessary work. Tournaments, however, were a great source of entertainment and overall celebration of the franchise. It looks to disappoint many fans. It, however, was necessary amid today’s circumstances.

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