Overwatch Players Might Get To See A New Hero Soon

 Overwatch Players Might Get To See A New Hero Soon

Since Overwatch was released, Blizzard Entertainment has released new content for it from time to time. From new cosmetic items to new weapons, players have enjoyed everything. However, the thing which always leaves them excited is a new Hero. For those who don’t know, Heroes are the playable characters of Overwatch, and each one has its own special abilities. Over the past few years, the developers have added a number of them to the game. And now, it seems like players will soon get to enjoy a brand new Hero.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment have posted a new teaser through which they have hinted at a new possible character for the game. The most interesting thing about it is that it hints at another omnic hero, and it might not be human.

New Overwatch Teaser

The latest teaser was posted by the official Twitter account of Overwatch. It is actually a part of Dr. Mina Liao’s personal journal. For those who don’t know, she is one of Overwatch’s six founding members. The entry that has been posted reveals what she thought about omnics and a project she was considering.

The date of the entry reveals that it was posted in the journal during the early days of the organization. In fact, this was before the events in Overwatch. According to the entry, Anthena was an AI prototype that was created for the organization, and Liao was the mastermind behind it. Because of its success, the project instantly caught the attention of Jack Morrison. Moreover, Jack liked it so much that he agreed to authorize Liao’s new project.

Liao also added that no one is ready to believe that artificial life is “fundamentally life”, and that violence against omnics is increasing day by day. In fact, the government is also neglecting their rights and freedom. Considering Liao also talked about “changing the conversation” through her new projects, she might be thinking about creating a new omnic.

At the moment, fans are wondering who the next Hero of Overwatch is going to be. Echo currently has the most chances of arriving as a playable character. The Hero made her appearance in the “Reunion” short film. However, while everyone thought that she will become Hero 32, Ashe took the spot. But her debut still confirmed that she will make her way to the game at some point. All we can do now is wait for Blizzard to post some more teasers so we can further know who it might be.

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