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Overwatch League online matches postponed

After almost a full month of drought for Overwatch Esports, things looked fortunate this week. The online options of play were beginning their matches this week. However, it seems that for some unfortunate reasons, online matches cancelled themselves as well. Thus the Overwatch league drought continues and Overwatch Esports suffers.

The Overwatch League Drought:

The online matches were to begin on March 21 and 22. Recently following the circumstances, the option of online play left little room for any others in order to carry out events in this or the next month. Thus Overwatch league opted to use that option. However, as with many other events, online matches cancelled themselves now as well.

For the overall safety and well-being of our players, teams and staffs, and in alignment with California’s statewide ‘stay at home’ order, we are cancelling this weekend’s scheduled Overwatch League competition. We will share more details on match rescheduling and look forward to returning to action soon.

More updates are to follow soon via Overwatch League Website.

Things were taking a fortunate turn when the latest updates followed the release of Hero 32. Echo teased fans for more than a year now before in her first look in Blizzard’s animated short “Reunion”. Her skills and looks have intrigued fans and viewers alike with many versatile features that are to affect the Overwatch League in the future. However, it is cut short with another delay of the esports matches.

The Developer Update has stated that there will be a completely new version of Overwatch once she is officially playable in the main game. This will follow after all bug fixes and balance changes implement the game to suit the new hero.

All of this is after Blizzard have opted for home-stay work as the risks were too many. All events for two months also move to later dates or completely cancelled. These months proved hard to Overwatch Esports.



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