Overwatch Latest Hero Echo Has Been Nerfed Again Through PTR Patch

 Overwatch Latest Hero Echo Has Been Nerfed Again Through PTR Patch

Blizzard Entertainment recently added a new hero to the game, Echo. This new hero didn’t come as a surprise to many as everyone knew she will arrive soon. This is because Echo had already made her debut in the ‘Reunion’ animated film, so it was only a matter of time before Blizzard made her available in Overwatch. While many players have been enjoying playing with her, there are some who have different issues with her gameplay. This is why the developers have now decided to nerf her in the latest PTR patch.

Overwatch Echo Nerfed

The latest PTR patch is meant to nerf Echo so that players don’t face any issues while playing with her. To begin with, the patch has introduced a ner to Echo’s alternate ability, Sticky Bombs. For those who don’t know, her Sticky Bombs were dealing 30 damage per bomb. This was bothering many players as they thought of them as overpowered. But Blizzard has now reduced its damage from 30 to 25 per bomb. The DPS of the ability has also been reduced from 210 to 180. This is because Echo’s ability fires six bombs at once. Upon landing, each bomb deals 5 extra damage aside from the explosive damage.

The latest patch has made another change to Echo’s ultimate ability. Its cost has been increased by 16%. This basically means that it will no take longer than before for her ultimate to fully charge. Although Echo’s ultimate ability has the slowest charge rate in Overwatch, some players were charging it up very quickly over the past few days. They were even able to use it multiple times in a single fight. But now, things will change for the better as the time has been further increased.

Previous Nerf

For those who don’t know, this is the second time Blizzard has nerfed Echo since the hero’s addition to the game. The first one was done on March 20 through a PTR patch. This patch nerfed her flight momentum speed as players were complaining about it. For those who don’t know, Echo was able to main her flight momentum if players jumped continuously. They were even able to glide across the map by using a lot of momentum.

Overwatch’s director recently claimed that Echo is going to be the last hero for the game for now. This is because they are now going to focus more on the game’s sequel. However, several tanks and supports are in development, but we’ll get to see them after the sequel.

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