Overwatch – Developers Confirm New Heroes Won’t Get Added For Now

 Overwatch – Developers Confirm New Heroes Won’t Get Added For Now

Overwatch players have always loved seeing new heroes. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has added new ones to the game from time to time. Some of them were well received by fans, while others needed some buffs. Still, several heroes have made their way to the game through various updates. But now, it seems like the developers are going to take a break from adding new heroes as they are going to focus on something else.

Overwatch Players Will Have To Wait

Blizzard recently added a brand new hero to the game, Echo. Most players were not surprised by her addition as they knew she was going to be the latest character. Still, everyone is currently enjoying playing with her. Although Blizzard has nerfed her flight a little bit, everyone is still satisfied with her overall performance. But the thing which will annoy many players is that this might be the last time they get to experience a new hero, at least for now. Jeff Kaplan recently claimed that Echo is going to be the last character to get added to the game’s roster for the foreseeable future. The reason behind this is that they are now going to focus on the game’s sequel.

Kaplan claimed that the team is currently working on Overwatch 2 and that their entire focus is on the sequel. Considering the sequel is going to feature new story modes and characters, the team has no time to work on the previous game.

For the time being, they are going to put aside everything related to the first part so that they can create a masterpiece. Kaplan also added that although he knows how much people love new heroes, they are just not going to get new ones for now. There are some of them in development, but they don’t know when they’ll get released.

Tank and Support Heroes

One thing to keep in mind here is that Kaplan previously confirmed that they have multiple tanks and supports in development. This statement was made by him when players criticized Echo for not being a tank or support. However, given the current circumstances, it seems like we won’t get to see these new heroes anytime soon. For the time being, players will have to enjoy the current roster of the game. At the moment, the only thing we can do is pray that the sequel gets released quickly. Because as soon as it gets released, the developers will have time to focus on the prequel too.

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