Overwatch – Blizzard Is Working On Support And Tanks Heroes

 Overwatch – Blizzard Is Working On Support And Tanks Heroes

Overwatch players have always requested Blizzard Entertainment to add new heroes to the game. Since the game was released, the developers have added several characters, and each one is amazing. Just recently, they added Echo to the game. However, while there are some players who are extremely happy about her addition, others are disappointed with it because they were hoping to see a tank or support hero. But now, the developers have assured that such heroes are in development.

On March 19, Blizzard Entertainment’s vice president, Jeff Kaplan jumped in a Twitch stream with Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar. During this stream, the vice president provided players with a first-look at Overwatch’s newest hero, Echo. He talked about her abilities, her ultimate, and even her role. In addition to this, he revealed much more about her.

After Echo was announced as Overwatch’s newest hero, many players got really excited. Some previous leaks and reports also suggested that Echo was going to be the newest character. She was previously set to arrive as Hero 31, but someone else took that spot. But since Echo had already made her debut in the animated film, Reunion, everyone knew that she will arrive next.

Overwatch Will Get New Heroes Soon

While almost every player is happy with Echo’s addition, some are against it. This is not because they don’t like the hero, but because they were expecting the next one to be either a tank or support. We all are aware that the game lacks such heroes, and the developers must do something about it. However, Kaplan assured all of his fans that they don’t need to worry about this a lot as they are currently working on such heroes.

Kaplan claimed that both support and tank category heroes are currently being worked on. He also added that he realizes that such heroes will be needed soon. Kaplan was quick to talk about the development of tanks and supports because he knew that a lot of people are going to say that Echo should’ve been a support character.

In any case, it is great to see that Blizzard Entertainment is already working on these heroes. Many fans will be relieved to hear this considering they were really disappointed after Echo’s reveal. At the moment, Kaplan hasn’t revealed exactly when these new heroes are going to arrive. However, since a lot of fans have been requesting them, we can expect to see them soon.

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