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One E-sports Jakarta DOTA2 Invitationals announced

One E-sports has announced the One E-sports Jakarta DOTA 2 Invitationals Tournament with a US $500,000 prize-pool for November 2020.

With the current Malaysia Regional Qualifiers set for March 7-8, the organization moreover has come forward with the end of the year’s prospects, with Jakarta being the hosts for an Invitational Dota 2 tournament.

It is highly likely this would be the last tournament under DOTA 2’s yearly 7.24 patch. Probability states it will conclusively come before the yearly overhaul patch for the next year.

DOTA 2 has been the host for the largest prize pools in E-sports throughout the years. With the last year’s record set at 34$ million by The International, there is the expectation of another breakthrough by the same event this year. This has been the case in each previous year in DOTA 2’s E-sports. It has hosted the largest tournaments and has gained much popularity in the gaming community. Recently, a spinoff game Dota Underlords also had its first official tournament outside beta.

The One E-sports Jakarta Invitational is yet to announce the teams that will join. This will likely subside with the end days of the current patch.

Consideration also states the role of the newest format of Regional Leagues. As announced, The International from 2021 will be based on hosting bids. Regional Leagues will lay down the pathway for the Road to TI. Thus, it is possible that One E-sports Jakarta Invitational will be considered in this format.

There is plenty of substantialities yet unknown what shall lead up to this year’s end. The invited teams may be considered on who are willing to participate, along with the factor of the main event in August.

More information will be released as confirmation is made. For more information, check out One Esports Official Website.


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