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OGN Esports retract from North America

New surfacing news state that OGN Esports have left North America after failing to find steady grounds. They have gone back to Korea as their main stead with layoffs for almost all North American employees.

The news come out with a tweet by a worker coming under OGN. She affirms layoffs and confirms that OGN is retracting from the Norma American scene. This is the tweet:

OGN’s North American State came under the Super Arena which dealt exclusively with managing events of that specific region as it was made for that case.

OGN’s main website gives the following introduction:

“OGN Super Arena is the FIRST Battle Royale-dedicated arena in North America. It is the new home for the headquarters of all things OGN in America. The OGN Super Arena is a 35,000 square foot studio located in the heart of Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, California.

Built for Battle Royale titles including but not limited to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and more, the facility is also entirely modular and can be adapted to host the most popular MOBA games, mobile esports titles, and much more.”

Furthermore, the statement states great prospects for the organization in the region. However, it seems that this is no longer the case.

The Factors:

Moreover, they made the Super Arena to host various Esports events that could hold over 500 attendees and 100+ participants. Last year in may, OGN partnered with Supercell to host the Clash Royale League West, one of North America’s first esports leagues based on a mobile title, at OGN Super Arena.

Unfortunately, this sufficed little for the organization. Their success did not meet up to mark and thus, retracts them from future management in North America. People shall yet observe what shall hold for the already invested Super Arena. Complete retraction might see it demolished or stripped of their original owners’ names. There are no official news yet, but people can expect to hear from the organization themselves in the near future.

In addition, the departure from North America could be a case of the current health concerns that have affected esports in general. The Corona pandemic has made it a great risk to hold events with large numbers of attendees. This might have been a factor to why OGN Esports is now facing a loss of revenue from their investment in America.

Fans can expect further news directly from OGN’s Official Website.


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