Ninja donates 150,000 dollars to COVID-19 relief

 Ninja donates 150,000 dollars to COVID-19 relief

Ninja recently uploaded a video showing links to the same organization that provided the pandemic relief to the needy. This is the same one that is emphasized by Ryan Renolds And Jimmy Fallon; enactment is for the basic care of the needy that cannot provide enough sustenance for themselves in the hard times faced by the whole populous due to the Corona Virus.

The whole point of the video, as shown by Ninja, is the observed fact how many cannot survive in such times due to certain reasons. Daily wages and layoffs are just two general reasons that were paramount for many individuals and their survival by earning money through these means. As in the current times, homestay work is observed and many chains of outlets that hired these people to close down, they are facing difficulty.

This is not only the case for precautionary measures to protect themselves from the Virus. In fact, it is just for basic needs.

He emphasizes that basic charity should be the strong suit of the current times. The act of gathering funds for those that are in need of it is paramount, as emphasized by Ninja. It is an observed fact that there are layoffs in the current circumstances and people are facing hard times. The basic daily wage was the main source of income for many families.

The Aim:

Ninja’s stream showcased the need for how people should join this movement to help the needy. Relief funds would be the turning case for many families if this movement comes to fruition.

Many organizations are working selfless acts in response to the VOVID-19 other than the ones given out by Ninja. The actual method involved is to spend selflessly for those that really need it. If there are people who can afford to give away money, they should do so in such times as these.

Ninja’s stream gave many examples of this, one being how some school students depend upon school lunch for their basic sustenance.

The whole moral of this is how the movement to emphasize the precautions to fight the COVID-19 along with the needy is what Ninja is trying to enact.

For more on the latest news about Ninja, check out his Twitter account. WHO is also monitoring the current situation and is taking measures to take against the pandemic until a vaccine is procured.