NICKMERCS Might Switch to Call of Duty: Warzone Soon

 NICKMERCS Might Switch to Call of Duty: Warzone Soon

Call of Duty: Warzone was released a few days ago, and millions of players from all over the world are enjoying it. The game is the newest addition to the battle royale genre and is competing directly with Fortnite and Apex Legends. Other than players, top streamers are also currently streaming the game daily on their respective channels. In fact, one of them is even thinking about completely switching to the game. We’re talking about NICKMERCS, one of the most popular streamers in the world.

Nick is popularly known for streaming Fortnite daily on his Twitch channel. In fact, he is regarded as one of the best Fortnite streamers in the world, having millions of followers on Twitch. The streamer jumped into Epic’s battle royale around two years ago. Since then, he has maintained a strong relationship with the game. He even competes in various tournaments that are organized in different parts of the world.

What some people don’t know about NICKMERCS is that he used to be a fulltime Call of Duty streamer before Fortnite was released. A lot of his fans were also disappointed when he left the first-person shooter for Epic’s battle royale. However, the amount of success he got from Fortnite was huge compared to what he was getting from Call of Duty. But now, it seems like he is once again thinking about switching to his previous favorite series.

NICKMERCS Talks About Warzone

Recently, during his March 17 stream, Nick played some Call of Duty: Warzone and praised it for everything. He claimed that the game is so good that even though he played it for 10 hours, he feels like he has only spent an hour in it. He then talked about Fortnite and claimed that he had a “good run” with it.

Nick also claimed that he’s thinking about Warzone when going to bed, and all he wants to do after waking up is play it again. This pretty much confirms that he is in love with the game, and is going to switch to it. He did confirm that they are going to bring back Fornite Friday tournaments, but he might have some new plans for Warzone.

In any case, Nick isn’t the only streamer who has fallen in love with Warzone. Shroud also recently claimed that the game is impressive and is better than Apex Legends. At the moment, more than 15 million players are playing Warzone, and this number is going to increase further in the coming days.

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