Major PUBG Mobile Events Postponed Over Coronavirus Fears

 Major PUBG Mobile Events Postponed Over Coronavirus Fears

The Coronavirus disease has reached more than 120 countries and it’s not slowing down. In order to prevent it from spreading, many countries have ordered a nation-wide lockdown. They have also requested their citizens to stay inside their homes. Because of this very reason, almost every event in the world that was scheduled to take place in the coming days has been canceled. And just recently, two major esports events have been canceled because of the same reason.

Fans of PUBG Mobile were eagerly waiting to see the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas and the World League. Both of them were scheduled to take place in the coming days. However, because of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, both of them have been postponed. The news comes directly from the official Twitter account of PUBG Mobile where the organizers shared a small statement.

PUBG Mobile Events Postponed

According to the statement, the health and safety of everyone is the first priority of PUBG Mobile Esports. Because of this reason, after discussing with their partners, the organizers have decided to postpone both the PUBG Mobile League Americas and the PUBG Mobile World League. The organizers also added that they are currently trying to explore more options to let their fans enjoy such tournaments online. They think that this is an opportunity to mobilize esports so that people can enjoy online tournaments through live streaming platforms without any problems.

Most of you will be wondering why the organizers haven’t shifted the PUBG Mobile League Americas online. The main reason behind this is that the tournament has teams from North and South America. If the organizers were to host it online, then some team would be put at a disadvantage because of the ping difference. This is the very reason why they haven’t decided to shift the entire tournament online.

In any case, some of you might be disappointed with their decision, but health and safety always come first. The organizers have claimed that they will reveal the exact dates and further information soon on their social media accounts. The PMPL South Asia, on the other hand, has not been canceled. The said tournament was originally scheduled to take place in New Dehli, India starting March 12. However, it has now been shifted online due to the Coronavirus and will start from March 19. Therefore, there is still something for you to look forward to if you’re disappointed about the other events getting postponed.

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