LEC Legends European Championship returns

 LEC Legends European Championship returns

News come forward about League Of Legends and the update to the postponed LEC. Organizers chose the online option and thus are moving forward to begin the event this Friday.

“Due to the ongoing developments of the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to play the remainder of the 2020 LEC Spring Split 100% remotely online, with matches resuming Friday, March 20th. We have also removed our planned break week and will play each consecutive weekend until the Finals take place on April 18th and 19th.”

The opening statement precedes fortunate news for patient participants, including whole organizations who waited for this news.

It gives the green light the whole event and the people surrounding it, and thus the European Championships shall commence later this week.

Regular hosts such as Eefjie Depoortere shall commence the event to hail off the suspension put on the event by Riot Games. Online scenario bodes as much anticipation as it had without it, even though some first-person attendance is cut short. Overall, this will bode a better chance of success for the event and the aspects it leads to future ones.

Full Statement:

“Last week we had to make the difficult decision to suspend the LEC due to concerns related to the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Since then, we still have had no members of LEC staff or players test positive for the coronavirus, however, as a precaution, all LEC staff members have been asked to work from home. We’ve been working with the LEC teams to evaluate our options for the remaining five weekends of the Spring Split and have decided to move to remote online play. This means that each team will be asked to play from their respective training centres and the show will be produced remotely from homes of LEC production and broadcast staff.

One of the main challenges of online play is how to preserve competitive integrity. To help with this, all teams will be competing from their facilities in Berlin, with the exception of Origen who will play from their training centre in Copenhagen. Latency to our LEC tournament servers will be reasonably low and roughly equal between teams, offering a level playing field for the League. In accordance with local and governmental guidelines and to further help mitigate any health risks we have decided not to send a referee to each team facility.

Instead, we will be implementing a variety of measures to protect competition integrity to the extent possible in a remote environment, including additional cameras to monitor the rooms the players will compete in, fully monitoring voice communications, screen recording, and remote control ability, on top of other measures currently being considered. Lastly, we are investigating the ability to pause and resume the game at a later time in the event a game cannot be continued due to a verified external cause (i.e. ISP issues, events beyond their control, etc).

We are touched by the amount of support we continue to receive from our audience and fans. Like us, many of you are also staying at home for the next few weeks and the weekly LEC show provides something to look forward to. Although it will undeniably look and feel different than when it’s produced out of the LEC Studio, we are confident we can remotely produce a show that maintains the essence of the LEC while reducing the risk to our staff and players.”

What’s more, is that this resounds the possibility of performance of events with the ongoing issues of the pandemic and it’s spreading health concerns.

Opting for online pay shows a practical manner that events can follow for the duration of what seems to be a long time since the start of this year. It bodes practicality and safety both which could suit other events as well that are still looking for commencing choices for Esports.

“We hope that you continue to enjoy the show and tune in when it resumes this Friday at 18:00 CET, and thank you once again for your continued support.”

Fans can concludingly catch all the action in the usual ways via streams. They can coincidingly look towards future event plans proceeding with the same online features as this, a much better option than cancellation.

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