League of Legends Will Soon Get Autofill Balance

 League of Legends Will Soon Get Autofill Balance

League of Legends might be one of the biggest video games in the world, but it still has some issues. And by issues, we’re not talking about bugs and glitches. Over the past few months, players have constantly complained about the existence of the autofill feature. For those who don’t know, this feature basically brings balance to the game by automatically assigning roles to some players. However, it doesn’t work likes it’s supposed to. But now, Riot is thinking about making some changes to it through Patch 1.6.

League of Legends Autofill Changes

After getting many complaints about the autofill mechanic, Riot has finally decided to introduce some big changes to fix it. Through these new changes, the matchmaking system will get improved. At the moment, the game creates unbalanced games over and over again. Typically, teams don’t have the same number of auto-filled players. But once the changes go live, you will get to see a few matches like these. In other words, the number of autofilled players on both teams will be the same.

One thing to keep in mind here is that this is going to increase the wait times to some extent. This is because the system will spend more time trying to place the same number of autofilled players on each team. In fact, if everything goes right, then there won’t be any autofill players at all. Some players even asked Riot to completely remove the autofill feature. In reply to them, the developers claimed that it isn’t possible to completely remove it. This is because if the autofill feature is removed, players will have to wait a lot just to get into a match.

Riot Games is also considering another change for their game. They are currently thinking about bringing a balance to the number of premade groups on each team. Many players have complained about this, and it seems like the developers are now going to listen to them. For those who don’t know, it is quite difficult to fast a premade duo in the bottom lane when your playing solo. In addition to this, premade combos are also devastating.

In any case, it is great to see that Riot Games is finally doing something about these issues. All of this is going to ensure that almost every game is even and fair for every player. Many teams with autofilled players have been struggling a lot, but this is going to change soon.

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