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League of Legends MSI postponed to July

League of Legends has finally come forward with the decision to postpone their global event. Considered to be the second biggest event after the World Championships, the choice is for the prospects of better success.

“After discussing with our leagues and other stakeholders, we’ve made the decision to move our annual mid-year global tournament event from May to July this year. Shifting the tournament to the summer offers the best chance to see travel restrictions lifted, allowing teams from leagues around the world to travel and compete safely.”

In addition to this, Riot Games has released the list of affected day events. The new schedule will thus run from July 3rd to July 19th.

Affected dates:

“To accommodate for this change and ensure minimal impact to the remainder of the calendar year, we have made changes to our Summer Split start dates which will see the second split begin prior to the Mid-Season Invitational. We have thus aligned with each of our regions to shift dates of their Split 2 starts to account for this schedule change:

OPL – May 15th
VCS – May 15th
LCS – May 16th
TCL – May 16th
LCK – May 20th
LEC – May 22nd
CBLOL – May 23rd
LPL – May 23rd
PCS – May 30th
LJL – May 31st
LCL – June 6th

“Additionally, after reviewing the calendar and listening to feedback from our teams and players, we have decided to sunset Rift Rivals in the remaining regions where the tournament was scheduled to take place. Rift Rivals produced some epic battles, but the challenges it created to the annual schedule were felt at both a regional and global level. To conclude, we remain committed to producing globally resonant events that showcase our sport, and will work with regions to determine fresh ways to do so in the years ahead.”

Fans can, however, look forward to a later date for all top tier League Esports action. Riot have also thanked players and partners that have stayed in the esports scene regardless of the issues it faces. This is their concluding paragraph:

“As noted in my February 25 post, we want to thank our teams, partners, players, and fans who have demonstrated their support to those impacted by the virus, through charitable donations and other means. We’re eager to reunite the global League of Legends community at the Mid-Season Invitational this July. We’ll continue to assess the situation to ensure the best experience for fans and players, and update you along the way.”

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