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League of Legends Developers Talk About Future Content

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has made many companies and organizations close their offices. This has been done to prevent the disease from spreading. While some companies have decided to completely halt their operations until things get better, others are telling their employees to work from home. The esports industry has been also been badly affected by the virus as many esports tournaments and events have been postponed. Furthermore, developers are also unable to work on their games properly because of it. And now, developer Riot Games has provided an update on their future plans for League of Legends.

2020 was supposed to be a great year for League of Legends fans. During the 10-year anniversary stream, the developers talked about things that will make their way to the game in 2020. They even discussed the release of the Valorant and much more content that fans can expect to see this year. But because of the ongoing outbreak, Riot had to close its offices too. Due to this, many fans were left wondering what will happen to all those plans. Now, Riot Games has revealed that their employees are now going to work from home, but this is going to have an impact on future content.

League of Legends Future Plans

To wash away the worries of many fans, League of Legends producer Joe “New001” Tung made a video and talk about what fans can expect to see in the future. The producer claimed that because employes will be working from home now, they are not sure if the previous roadmap will be followed. However, he still said that they are going to try their best to do whatever they can now.

As per Joe, they are currently trying to figure out what impact the global lockdown is going to have on their planned road map. He even said that they aren’t sure that there will be an impact on their planned features and content. While talking about the delayed leagues and events, he confirmed that they are trying to find ways to host them some other way. The company has also donated around $3.5 million to contain the spread of the virus.

In any case, League of Legends players will have to lower their expectations now. Joe didn’t reveal exactly what things are not going to arrive, but we can expect to see less content now. Once things get back to normal, Riot will start working on the planned content.

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