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LCK Suspended by Riot amidst Coronavirus Epidemic

It is no news that the current coronavirus spread has turned into an epidemic and now the virus outbreak has found its next victim; League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). Due to an alarming increase in CORVID-19 cases in South Korea, Riot has issued a suspension to the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) from participating in official matches until further notice. Reports are coming that as many as almost 5100 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.

The Coronavirus imaged

The disease originated from Wuhan China. The Chinese League LPL was also suspended from conducting matches in arenas. Riot issued an immediate suspension for LPL to immediately halt all arena matches last month. Instead, many leagues are conducting matches online where players logged in from their own homes. LPL will resume matches from 9th March 2020. Riot announced the indefinite suspension in order to ensure the safety of participants and attendees.

The suspension will take effect from 6th March 2020 onward after they are done playing Round 1. The league’s Spring 2020 split officially ran from 9th September 2019 till 2nd March 2020.

Some reports suggest that LCK went on an indefinite hiatus on their own. Regardless of who made the decision, everyone is appreciating the efforts by the LCK. As the virus spreads in large crowds, matches, events, ceremonies and assemblies over the world have been put off. It is possible for LCK to conduct online matches like the LPL in order to continue the spree of matches that they were already running. The indefinite pause will cause to overlap with any potential summer matches that

The outbreak of coronavirus cases began from a local church in South Korea after a congregation resulting in explosive growth in total cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a level 3 warning for South Korea. They recommend everyone to not travel to and from South Korea unless it is crucial.

The LCK will resume only after the situation improves.



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