Keemstar’s $20,000 Warzone Wednesdays

 Keemstar’s $20,000 Warzone Wednesdays

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long time since Friday Fortnights, since the Minecraft Mondays. But, these times call for something different. Warzone Wednesdays a $20,000 weekly prize pool, where the biggest streamers, the biggest online entertainers, athletes, rappers, entertainers across the globe compete.”

Call of Duty Warzone is hereby already off with its Esports scene. With the announcement of this event with a $20,000 prize pool, it shall commence from next TUESDAY.

Keemstar hereby announces with open registration for any streamer with over 2000 viewers. Further news shall not be far back but this makes the first-ever official event of Warzone to head to big heights with all able streamers of the game in tow.

What this apprehends, is a gathering of multiple proportions exhibiting great growth. This event shall not only see upcoming names of the game but give them a stage to take the leap. It shall take the already large player base to look forward to the game’s esports scene.

Call of Duty Warzone already crossed the 15 million player benchmark and now looks to hold many names.

The Fortnite star Ninja will also be joining the Warzone Wednesdays people who are attending the event.

The attending roster keeps growing and shows what mass the already popular title can hold. The actual hosting and specifics will reveal themselves later on. For now, all news is coming directly from Keemstar’s Twitter account. All further news would look to originate from him as well. It could be speculation albeit half-truth that the news comes as a means to make an event reach the intended level state. It is, however, a unique way that can find its grounds. Warzone Wednesdays could intendedly make an excellent startup to the COD: Warzone scene.

The Official logo and all other relevant news are announced by Keemstars official twitter account who is still taking names for the total attendees of the event. Online stream and play will start on the coming Tuesday that shall finalize all statistics.