Intel donates more than 1 million protective items

 Intel donates more than 1 million protective items

Intel came forward with their donations to the fight against the Corona Virus. The pandemic impacted countries across the globe since its discovery in Wuhan, China. Many organizations came forward with their hand to help it reach a much-needed conclusion.

Sustenance and precautions are paramount in circumstances such as these. Razer, another large organization came forward; They used their production buildings to produce surgical masks that were in demand as a necessity. All these precautions are for the protection of individuals so that the pandemic can be controlled. Now Intel are also joining the fight against the virus with a large charitable donation.

Doctors and healthcare workers are the heroes of today that are sacrificing their time and energy and even their lives. All of this is to care for the sick and needy. Working almost full 24 hours, they battle to save those that are unfortunate to be infected with the virus. Selflessness deems them to take care of workers even though they themselves are in danger of being infected. However, this does not stop them from caring for the sick and needy.

It shall be them who will get these protective donations, as they are most in need of these.

Intel’s Full Statement:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Intel announced Monday that it will source and donate more than 1 million items of personal protective equipment – masks, gloves and other gear – to healthcare workers.

“We will donate masks, gloves, face shields and other gear that we have sourced from our factory stock and emergency supplies, and we’ll continue to look for additional sources of personal protective equipment that we can source and donate as quickly as possible to meet our commitment of more than a million items,” said Todd Brady, director of Global Public Affairs for Intel.

Intel leaders are working with local health authorities and government agencies around the world. In January, Intel announced a $1 million donation to the International Red Cross to support global relief efforts for the coronavirus outbreak. Where possible, current and future donations will be made through local health authorities that can determine the areas of greatest need.

“We are immensely grateful to the healthcare workers who are at the front lines of slowing this pandemic,” Brady said.

The fight against COVID-19:

This news comes from Bob Swan Intel’s CEO. He released statements talking about how they are taking appropriate measures; to keep the same level of performance the company has had all these years prior. This shall be without risking the lives and health of their workers and employees.

He dictated the need of the company’s performance; it is paramount to work on advancing newer technological features for the world. He narrated to the partners with the statement needed of Intel’s working changes to the pandemic circumstances that affected almost all organizations across the world.

It goes to show that they will not be the last to join this fight; all organizations are forwarding their donations and efforts to fight against the COVID-19.

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