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Heroic CS: GO to come under FunPlus Phoenix

Heroic Esports has joined FunPlus Phoenix to make Phoenix join the CS: GO scene for the first time. Although not official, rumours state that the deal has already been done. The team will start their career under the new banner from Flashpoint that shall hold in Los Angeles this month.

The League of Legends giants won the 2019 World Championships and made a name for their Organization who are moreover keen on expanding their Esports Boundary.


The Heroic Lineup finally consists of the Casper “cadiaN” Møller, the leader,
Patrick “ES3Tag” Hansøn,
Martin “Stavin” Lund,
Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer,
and lastly Johannes “Borup” Borup.

The organization’s birth in 2016 is highlighted similarly in its introduction statement which reads as follows:

“The journey started in August 2016. The members of ”Team X” created the organisation Heroic built on friendship and dedication to the game. Many top tier players have been brought up and moulded in the Heroic family; names such as gla1ve, valde, niko and many more.

Heroic has always been and will be an organisation which build and develop around the players, aiming to be the very best. With some of the greatest players in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene of today, we strive to compete among the best teams in the world.

With unshakeable pillars of friendship and dedication to the game, you can follow our quest to cement ourselves in the world of e-sports.

Heroic gave fulfilling results when Casper joined the organization about 5 months back. It came soon after that the roster won the Dreamhack Atlanta 2019. Prospects seemed plenty for the organization, and now they are reignited once more now that they have been signed by FunPlus Phoenix.

Expectations say official statements and news are soon to come regarding their official signing.

For more on Heroic, visit their Official Website.


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