Gamescom release list of First Exhibitors

 Gamescom release list of First Exhibitors

Gamescom has released the list of its First Exhibitors via Twitter.

Gamescom 2020 is expecting to commence in late August this year. For this matter, there are concerns about the Corona Virus affecting the event if it correlates with the event’s dates. For now, however, Gamescom gave news of their First Exhibitors who have already registered for the Event.

Full list of First Exhibitors:

Big names such as CD Projekt Red, Nintendo, Sega and more have already registered themselves in the event. Microsoft is also joining the First Exhibitors list. Capcom Entertainment could showcase big news on newer titles as well for what they have in store for the late year. The hardware side contains exhibitors such as HP’s Omen, Gigabyte, Samsung Kingston. There are many more names on the list as well.

Sony opts to release news through its news channel videos named as ‘State of Play’. This relates to Nintendo’s usual mode of releasing information through its ‘Nintendo Directs’. Nintendo’s news to join the Gamescom could relate to plenty of news coming for the later months of this year.

This list does not contain the full list of joining organizations as there is still time to register at the event. Other organizations could show up at Gamescom as well.

The event has come up with a popular event that has had plenty of views and audiences in the past years. This year their main website released a statement of what its future shall hold this year. They addressed the health concerns of the epidemic in case it does come up to affect the event.

This is their full statement on the matter:


“Dear customers and partners of Koelnmesse,

We are currently receiving inquiries about whether a potential threat from the occurrence of the coronavirus will have an impact on our Koelnmesse events.

For Koelnmesse’s part, we take this topic seriously, because the health of all trade fair participants is paramount.

For each individual event, we will evaluate the recommendations of the responsible authorities regarding major events and, as before, we will make our decisions after careful consideration. In this respect, preparations for our upcoming events in Cologne are continuing. We look forward to your participation. The preparations for the Gamescom are continuing as planned according to the current status.

We shall provide information about sensible prophylactic measures on-site. We are increasingly offering disinfectants, which are considered to be the most effective means against transmission. Highly frequented areas will also be cleaned with increased frequency. Qualified doctors and paramedics in our medical stations are prepared for possible suspicious cases and are available to answer any questions you may have on-site. Should a suspicious case arise during the event, all spatial and organizational precautions are taken on the trade fair grounds to ensure immediate remedial actions.
Cologne, 03.03.2020″

Gamescom will happen after E3, which itself is facing questions and concerns regarding the dropping out of its Creative Director team iam8bit. The coronavirus also poses a problem that is affecting the event. The virus affecting Gamescom still holds a chance.

Gamescom concludes to still gain plenty of organizations for their event. Possibility states that the epidemic problem could subside before the event starts in August. The Coronavirus has affected multiple events already, spreading to various countries. Time will narrate the conclusion to health concerns.