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Four Fortnite Pros Suspended Because of Teaming Up

Cheating is something that is not tolerated in any esports event. There are some players who just don’t want to play by the rules and they even end up getting caught. Some use certain software to improve their aim, while others get the ability to shoot behind walls. However, in some cases, players from different teams decided to team up so that they can dominate the tournament. But this is something that is considered cheating too. Just recently, four Fortnite pros were banned for the same purpose during the FNCS.

Fortnite players are currently enjoying the ongoing Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Everything was going smoothly until four players decided to ruin everything. Recently, the players ‘Kreo’, ‘Bucke’, ‘Keys’, and ‘Slacks’ were suspended from the FNCS because of teaming up during the championship. This decision was made by Epic Games after they investigated the claims that were made against them.

Fortnite Pros Get Suspended

The claims started appearing on the surface after both duos played better than everyone else and managed to reach the top spots in Week 1. Twitter user “Droxide” was one of the first ones who reported the two. The video posted by the user showed that the two duos were tagging each other so that they can be saved from the storm. The thing which most people don’t know is that these four players have been doing this since the warmups that took place last week. This means that this wasn’t a one-time thing.

After many claims started circulating against these four players, Epic was quick to investigate the issue. Upon investigating, it was discovered that the four were indeed teaming up. This is a serious offense in the FNCS and can lead to a ban. As per the rule, the four players have been banned for a total of 60 days. This means that they won’t be able to further continue their journey in the ongoing FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Duos. In addition to this, this ban might also prevent them from taking part in the next season.

Soon after getting banned, the four-player started issuing statements in their defense. They claimed that they know each other’s paths very well, and this is why they have constantly engaged in that very area. One of them even added that Fortnite should’ve done proper investigation before banning them. At the moment, some members of the community are defending them, while others are against them.

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