Fortnite Players Will Get “Unbelievable” Content Soon

 Fortnite Players Will Get “Unbelievable” Content Soon

Fortnite is widely deemed as the greatest battle royale game in history. The game is played by millions of players every month and it also contributes to esports a lot. In fact, the Fortnite World Cup has the second-largest prize pool in the history of esports. The reason behind why the game is so popular is that its developers have done a remarkable job with constantly updating it. Epic Games is known for releasing new updates for their title through which they add new content to it. And now, it seems like they are working on something really big.

Many Fortnite players were recently complaining about various issues they were facing while playing the game. Most of the complaints were related to server and lag issues. This happened on Reddit where many players claimed that they have been facing issues with ping and latency since season 2 went live. They even asked Epic Games whether they are aware of these issues or not, and if they are doing something about them.

Fortnite’s Future Plans

Soon after the post started getting some heat, one of the members of Epic’s Live Operations team jumped in and explained what the developers are doing about these issues. However, along with this, he also ended up providing some exciting information. The Live Operations member, JShredz talked about how the servers work and that they are always looking for methods to improve the experience. After explaining everything, he concluded his comment by adding that they are currently working on some “unbelieve things” that will arrive in the future.

What JShredz said instantly caught the attention of many players. Their attention even shifted from the main issues to his statement, and they instantly started asking many questions. Almost everyone is currently wondering what those “unbelievable” things could be. While the post was meant to talk about the issues players have been facing recently, it has sparked something else.

At the moment, we can only make some assumptions regarding what Epic could be working on. Maybe the developers are thinking about introducing a big collaboration. Players are currently enjoying the ongoing Deadpool collab, and we might get to see another one soon. Epic Games might also be working on a new game mode that players will be able to enjoy soon. The developers are known for surprising their fans, so we can just wait for now.

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