Fortnite: How The Annual Pass Would’ve Looked Like

 Fortnite: How The Annual Pass Would’ve Looked Like

Regarded as the top battle royale game in the world, Fortnite draws in millions of players every week. This is why developer Epic Games keeps on adding new content to their game to keep players attached to the battle royale. However, whenever they release a new update to add new things, data miners end up finding hidden content in the game’s files. Some of this stuff makes it to the game in the future, while others get scrapped.

The Fortnite Annual Pass

After Epic Games released update v11.30 for Fortnite back in December, data miners found a lot of hidden stuff in its files. One of the things that got leaked was the Annual Pass. Every data miner claimed that this Annual Pass will soon make its way to the game, but Epic later denied it. At that time, we only knew about its name. But now, thanks to a recent leak, we now know what the pass would’ve looked like.

As per the recent leaks, the Annual Pass of Fortnite was going to be something huge. And by huge, we mean it would’ve included all battle passes of 2020 and seven exclusive cosmetic items. The cost of the Annual Pass was meant to be around 7,800 V-Bucks. Sadly, Epic Games some time ago confirmed that the Annual Pass is not going to arrive. They claimed that it was just a prototype feature.

Why It Got Scrapped

Fortnite data miners often find stuff that never makes it to the game. Epic claimed that their prototype features occasionally make their way into the build, but they don’t get released. Although the Annual Pass was being considered, the developers have no plans to release it. However, Epic hasn’t revealed the exact reason behind why they have decided to scrap the Annual Pass. This is the reason why many fans are left wondering why they backed off from something this amazing. An Annual Pass would give players access to all battle passes, and they could save some V-Bucks through it.

At the moment, we don’t know whether Epic Games will release it in the future or not. Many players have already purchased the Season 2 battle pass this year. If Epic does introduce the Annual Pass this year, then such players might get a discount on its price. Still, you shouldn’t get your hopes high as Epic Games currently has no plans to make it available in Fortnite.

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