Faze Clan observe Homestay Work after Coach’s diagnosis

 Faze Clan observe Homestay Work after Coach’s diagnosis

Team Liquid had recently come up with Homestay work following the health risks of the Corona pandemic. Now FaZe Clan have come up with the same news as well for the same case of the protection of their members.

FaZe Clan tweeted the news that allowed members to work via online from their homes. They do not need to come to the facilities for work as it could pose health concerns. Their Fortnite coach’s tweet showed he tested positive for the disease as well which is mentioned ahead.

FaZe Clan’s full statement on the matter was via Twitter which is the following:


As said, members and people need to be cautious as the growing pandemic is a serious threat to them. It has come up and affected numerous Esports events and organizations and has spread throughout the globe.

Another unfortunate news is that the FaZe Clan’s Fortnite Coach Hugh Gilmour tested himself as positive for the disease. He tweeted the news along with his observation from where and how he might have contracted it.

This is his Tweet:

There have not been any updates on whether he shall be taking time off or will still be working from home. However, it might be the case that the FaZe Clan have taken the changes due to this. It also holds responsible the organization as it seems the coach contracted it through work and travel.

It would not be surprising for all organizations to take the homestay online work format in the near future to counter the health concerns surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. It holds true to all members of all esports titles that their health is at risk and caution needs to be observed.

Further news shall tell what the organization will do for its future prospects amidst Esports.

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