ex CS:GO Pro Shay “shAy” Victorio sentenced 116 years

 ex CS:GO Pro Shay “shAy” Victorio sentenced 116 years

In a shocking turn of events, the Brazilian court charged former professional CS:GO player Shay Victorio with larceny and fraud allegations.

118 people have come forward and reported that Shay’s online store did not send them the goods that they ordered. Shay mentioned that her ex-husband along with other former business partners was responsible for managing the online store. According to Shay, her ex-husband and business partners handled the procurement and sales.

A total of 118 customers scammed means on average 12 months per customer. This makes her official sentence to a whopping total of 116 years. However the total jail time one can do in Brazil is 30 years. Shay is not under arrest as of yet and her lawyers express distaste against such a long and heavy sentence.

Shay operated an online store between 2013 to 2017 that sold gaming related items who ended up in a vulnerable position as she was in the public eye. She maintained her social media platforms and constantly appeared present for a large audience.

Shay Victorio started her professional career as a Counter-Strike player in 2008 and currently is 27 years old. She started all the way from the early days of Counter-Strike 1.6 and has played many matches making her one of the most well known Counter-Strike players in the world. Shay secured first place in many competitions such as NetStation Cup and World Cyber Games. Shay was a Counter-Strike player for more than a decade and made quite a name for herself. She retired in May 2019 from professionally competing in matches to pursue a career in video game streaming.

Shay still has a chance to appeal against the decision and give a full and final statement. While total damage and other information about her store are still unknown. The major details and developments are coming from Brazilian website UOL where they are covering the full news in greater detail.

Talha Zuberi