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Evil Geniuses sign SonicFox and Dekillsage

News arrived of Evil Geniuses recently signing two of the best fighting game esports players in the world.

Sonicfox i.e. Dominique Mclean is the five-time winner of EVO. He is also the highest-paid player for fighting games with over $600,000 earnings. The player is only 22 years old. He shall take on the new Evil Geniuses Banner for his blue alias.

SonicFox snatched a perfect clean 6-0 at EVO 2014 in Justice: Gods Among Us. News also reported that he remained undefeated for 18 months in all Tournaments and has accumulated over $100,000 in winnings over the span of two weeks by playing Mortal Kombat tournaments.

The Game Awards named him as Esports Player of the Year in 2018. In addition, Forbes in 2020 included him in the “30 under 30” for Games. The enigmatic yet skilled player plays tournaments wearing his signature fursuit. The suit will hold his new banner from now on.

On the other hand, Dekillsage joins Evil Geniuses for a different set of fighting game titles. The player for the DBZ title, Skullgirls and Marvel VS Capcom, he became champion of Thunderstruck 2019. He jumped banners from Echo Fox to Evil Geniuses and will appear in future event under his new banner.

He also tried Super Smash Ultimate and is hailed as a skilled player in that as well. As for his devout titles, he is known to be one of the best players in the world for those titles. Hence this signing is of great proportions for the organization.

The organization shall release further news as time passes. Both players will expectantly appear in the EVO 2020 which will commence on July 31st this year. The fighting game tournament is heading for preparations quite well in the current circumstances whose full info you can check on our main EVO 2020 Article.


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