Echo joins the roster as Overwatch’s newest entry

 Echo joins the roster as Overwatch’s newest entry

Echo’s Origin Story dropped hereby officially making her the latest entry to the character lineup of Overwatch. Set as the creation of Mina Liao, the Doctor’s legacy moves on inside her humanoid creation.

The Story:

The story starts with self-doubt; questioning oneself. “So, this is it. Did, did I make the world a better place?” Doctor Liao’s creation made the Omnic Crysis. She helped make the Omnics. They doubted her now, as they had every right to. But only Overwatch believed. They believed she wanted to help the world. “So she created me, her legacy, her promise, her Echo.”

Introducing Echo. An evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence, Echo represents the cutting edge of technology.

The Cowboy welcomed her partner back. Overwatch’s Animated Short “Reunion” gave the introduction of Ashe. However, it showcased the then mysterious character who was what Overwatch truly needed. From then on the feminine character went onward to be a part of the gang in “Zero Hour”. From here on she finally comes to the game.

Thus, anticipating fans can rejoice for the official Hero 32. For the analysis of the origin story, the link with Doctor Liao gives Overwatch fans plenty of lore to observe as the same creation as omnics themselves. Therefore the creation would put the creator’s own dreams into reality as stated in the origin story. The hero Echo will take on the vision of Doctor Liao that she intended for all omnics. Her in-game view also follows after the full video which holds to this frame:

Previous teasers followed up with the confirmation news. Further content inside the game and PTR stats will most probably be updated as soon as tomorrow. Teasers mostly followed Doctor Liao but now it makes the perfect plot to Echo and thus proves the full view of where the pieces meet from over two Blizzcons before to the news of today.

Her abilities and stats shall come soon as well to compliment her official release.

The newest edition to the game will follow up with the complete overhaul of Overwatch to Overwatch 2. The overhaul news released last Blizzcon and met mixed views. However, it is another holder of all the new content that is yet to reach the fans. This spruces anticipation and viewers are that much happier. The future of Overwatch is showing to have plenty of prospects.

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