EA receive backlash after Fifa 20 Champions Cup Qualifiers

 EA receive backlash after Fifa 20 Champions Cup Qualifiers

EA Sports received a serious amount of backlash/negative feedback for their holding of the Fifa20 Champions Cup qualifiers.

Participants of the qualifiers came out with the status of deciding the matches not by the actual game, but by singular games of rock-paper-scissors. The reason that came out was simple: EA failed to provide sufficient quality servers for the tournament matches.

Twitter streamed EA’s official page with numerous harsh comments from users. They justified their views with the significance of an official tournament. Comments reflected the proper utility to carry out the fair competition, however, the qualifiers showed exactly the opposite of that. Users consisted of participating members, normal individuals that followed the tournament and the general populous overall. The same case comes forward in all social websites towards EA.

The company took one further step in the wrong direction as to have the poor quality of their own servers affect the fairness of the competition and the participants. This gives a great deal of negativity and ignorance of the company towards holding tournaments.
There were comments inside the backlash of the fact that EA had the possibility of hosting a more fairer trial if server hosting cast a larger problem.

The problem arose in the Qualifiers after poor server connections. This led to both parties or either one party not being able to connect for the official matches. Rules moreover stated that disconnection would lead to disqualification. This case affected one professional who defaulted after disconnection for three hours.

In conclusion, EA came forward with no statements regarding poor server hosting. Only commenting on the case at hand, numerous news reporting sites have tried to reach EA for comments. They are yet to respond.