E3 concerns worsen following Creative Directors dropping out

 E3 concerns worsen following Creative Directors dropping out

This year’s biggest Electronic Entertainment Expo is facing numerous issues. As news has come of Geoff Keighley’s dropping out of E3 2020 for the first time, iam8bit have come up with their release. Geoff’s news came in February and now passively follows up with the creative directors dropping out as well.

iam8bit released the news via this twitter statement:

iam8bit’s Twitter statement:

Geoff leaving E3 sparked controversy for this year’s E3 as rumors spread that the event saw a change that was not to Geoff’s liking. The matters worsen as creative directors drop out now as well. This was Geoff’s take on E3:

Geoff Keighley’s Twitter Statement:

There was a sense of vagueness and mixed feelings relating to Geoff’s sudden news to drop out. Subsequently, it corresponded to issues that this year’s E3 was facing and that aroused multiple concerns. iam8bit gave the sudden news with regards to the participating organizations as just “the best of luck for this year”.

This sparks concerns that are implying this year could see E3 completely canceled.

The E3 organization team released statements regarding this that they are “monitoring and analyzing the situation on a daily basis”. In addition, the team is looking forward to the commencement with still no news of the cancellation. However, this sparks multiple questions.

Moreover, the related idea of a canceled expo would show organizations showcasing their news in other ways. This would give an indication of how E3 would suffer as a news event. Considered as the biggest electronics event of the year, it comes as big news for all related groups and individuals.

E3 has already shown Sony opting out twice in a row consecutively. This would coincide with future news of their new generation’s PS5. Hence, all news regarding Sony’s current state came up through it’s ‘State Of Play’. This shows the independence of organizations to showcase their line of products and news and further discerns the Expo.

There could be a similar case now if the event’s concerns further worsen. The Corona Virus is still an epidemic that has affected multiple events. All of this would regard E3’s choice this year with time.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo has come up as the biggest news ground for everything related to Electronic Entertainment. The big names like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and many more have been a part of it for many years. The news that the event could fall apart could deem the event a failure this year.

To conclude, the event date currently sets form 9th June to 11th in Los Angeles. Time shall tell what the event will hold. For more on E3, visit their Official Website.