Dubs, FaZe’s Fortnite player Suspended For Racial Slur

 Dubs, FaZe’s Fortnite player Suspended For Racial Slur

Dubs was streaming on March 1 alongside a friend where he was caught saying the racial *N-* word. His comment immediately followed up with clarification for his friend who was with him during his stream.
FaZe Clan was quick to announce Dubs’ immediate suspension following the 15-year-old’s slur usage.

This was their comment on Twitter:

Numerous opinionated comments came forward following his suspension. Various individual accounts were of the case that such a slur would account for normal personal use if he uses it on stream. Cases came forward of how this would impact his career as a player.

Dubs followed up with his own Tweet:

Some observed the 15-year-old still being too young. He shall receive immediate sensitivity training. FaZe Clan’s members shall go through sensitivity training as well as a followup.

Dubs joined FaZe Clan last year in May and has been alongside FaZe Clan’s Fortnite players like Jason Wang and Nate Hill. There have not been any statements from the other members on Dub’s suspension.

The popular Fortnite star ‘Ninja’ also commented on the suspension by saying Dubs is still a young player and his usage of the slur was plain ‘stupid’. He cased how his apology is a standard case of apology for viewers that is to be expected from any punished player.

Later information will carry what holds for Dubs’ future at FaZe and his gaming career.