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DOTA 2 Latest Patch 7.25 shakes Drafting

Other than the fact that Juggernaut now has a mini-Omnislash and Iron Talon now cuts ancients, the biggest change from the Patch 7.25 comes to the drafting phase of the game. Drafting hereby incurs same- instance picks rather than counter picking and spruces up the whole meta altogether.

DOTA 2’s Gameplay Update comes over at this time as future events will not commence anytime soon. The full updates to the drafting phase are the following:

Draft changes:

  • All Pick hero picking has been reworked. It now has 5 rounds, each round Radiant and Dire pick 1 hero each at the same time and the selections each team makes is hidden until the next round. If a duplicate pick occurs, the player who picked it second will be given some extra time to select another hero.
  • Reworked how hero banning works in All Pick. Previously half of the voted heroes would get banned. Now each ban has a 50% chance of succeeding. If there are less than 10 heroes banned, heroes will automatically roll for banning based on their ban rate at your MMR bracket.

What this means is now there shall be fewer counter picks and more on the actual usability of heroes in general. Teams will pick heroes consecutively matching the other’s same number pick. This comes as a big change, more to the esports circuit scene than to the general player base.

Generally, until now, drafting subsides to be a skill in itself. It held the reason for winning The Internationals. It proves to be as big a part of the game as the actual player skill involved. Top tier teams showcased captains innovatively drafting the best lineup of strategic heroes. This will hereby change from now on.

For practical implementation, drafting is yet to take place as professional DOTA 2 Esports face cancellation for the time being. However, fans and viewers can look up to see new ways of drafting soon.

Further changes include Hero kill bounties where larger portions regard higher kill worth on higher net worth heroes. There is a legit comeback factor turnout whose full information you can check on the Gameplay Update Page.

Item Changes:

Other highlights include buffs to most items excluding The Mjollnir. It suffices another small nerf of -10 attack speed now. The Javalin reduced damage by 20 as well. Mana regeneration showcases buffs throughout the patch notes as well with almost all mana regen items giving higher regeneration now. Kaya’s further items provide larger bonuses as well now.

Other than that, Bloodthorn exchanges damage for attack speed and the Nullifier inherits consistent debuffing duration over muting from now on. Neutral Items show buffs for all changed items overall. The town portal scroll sees another change as well. It costs 90 now, and Town Portal boots upgrade town portal scrolls rather than an individual active. It subsides a greater buff to movement speed now than before. Another change is to the Battlefury, that requires a broadsword and a mithril hammer over a demon edge, flashing more probability to opt for it now that players need not save too much to buy a demon edge.

Hero Changes:

Sceptor reworks are aplenty, for Void Spirit, Juggernaut, Dazzle, Bounty Hunter, Spirit Breaker and more. An example is Snapfire that now allows you to swallow an allied creep or hero and spit it towards enemies, stunning enemies in the area for 1.5 seconds and leaving a glob on the floor dealing 100 DPS for 3 seconds. Drow Ranger’s attack animation sees a slight buff, along with Fury Swipes for Ursa. Overall, notable nerfs are to viable heroes for the previous patch and buffs to all else that were not.

Overall, considerable changes will make sure to shake up the previous meta. Normal play will experiment currently, but on what the pro scene holds, we shall see soon when news comes out of the last events of the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit.


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