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CS:GO Might Get Port To Source 2 Engine Soon

CS:GO is one of the top games in the world. Played by millions of players every month, Valve has constantly updated it to keep it playable for every player. Since the game’s release, we have seen several changes and improvements in it. Some of these changes were criticized, while others were well received by players. However, what almost every CS:GO player has been requesting is the Source 2 engine. And now, it seems like we might finally get to see it after all.

Every CS:GO player is well aware of the fact that it’s time Valve changes the old Source engine of the game. While it might have kept the game simple and playable for everyone, players are now facing FPS issues with it. It is struggling to keep up with other competitor titles. To overcome this issue, many players have been requesting Valve to upgrade the Source engine of the game so that they can keep playing without any problems.

CS:GO Source 2 Engine

Recently, the owner of Valve News Network, Tyler McVickerc claimed that CS:GO Source 2 engine is coming soon. In fact, he confirmed that it will be out within two months. While some had a hard time believing him, Nors3 backed him up and claimed that it is indeed coming. He said that he heard this from reliable sources. Considering Valve is never good with release dates, Nors3 warned fans about the expected release time.

If this is true, then Valve is planning to release the Source 2 engine shortly after the Rio Major end in May. This way, the event won’t get disturbed because of the new engine. What Nors3 said also isn’t surprising considering rumors regarding the engine have been circulating for months. But now that some big people from the community are now talking about the new engine, it might actually become possible.

At the moment, Valve is yet to officially confirm whether the Source 2 engine is coming or not. But considering the current state of CS:GO, they have to make this decision. This is because a new engine will make players stick to the game instead of trying out new ones. CS:GO’s player count has also been increasing significantly recently. For the first time in history, it managed to cross 1 million concurrent players. The reason behind this is the global lockdown because of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries have asked their citizens to stay inside their homes, and gamers are just doing what they’ve always done.

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