CS:GO Breaks Record Amid Corona Virus Lock Down


In light of the world-wide emergency quarantine taking place, people have been cancelling flight-tickets and stadiums have become empty. This has also caused many tournaments and matches to be cancelled as well. It has also led to tournaments being played in almost empty stadiums but the CS:GO community might be showing that there is still hope even in these troubled times.

The corona virus epidemic has caused many problematic situations for the esports community like the Katowice 2020 CS:GO tournament which was won by Natus Vincere in a 3-0 sweep against G2 Esports which took place in Katowice, Poland inside a stadium which could have packed more than 11 thousand fans and yet remained empty throughout the three-day tournament. Blizzard Entertainment has also cancelled most of their Overwatch matches till March 22nd which was supposed to take place first in China and then moved to South Korea but was then cancelled overall due to both countries being hit hard by the virus. The corona virus is also being blamed for an indefinite delay of the Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds since the port is said to be developed in Shanghai by Virtuous games which is said to be on lock down as almost all of Shanghai is quarantined as well.

The corona virus outbreak has caused much distress throughout and has also affected many matches and tournaments throughout but because of all this there seems to be a massive online presence which could be a silver-lining through all of this. The previously mentioned Katowice 2020 tournament also saw a surge in online-viewership which also set a viewership record for a non-major Counter-Strike event. 

The viewership count at its peak was more than that of 1 million for the final match and is the new record for the ESL’s CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters series it’s also said to have more viewers than last year’s Berlin Major and 2017’s Krakow Major both. 

While tournaments are being cancelled and stadiums are being left empty, the online viewership of the Intel Extreme Masters series might be hinting at an online presence which could become larger and much more profitable for ESL as well as much more convenient in a time when most of the world is in an emergency lock down.