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CEO Dreamland 2020 concludes with winners

CEO Dreamland responded after a three-year hiatus to hail participating winners for Super Smash Brothers Esports. It saw no slowing down despite the COVID-19 Health concerns for Esports and took appropriate measures to run smoothly. As health concerns were apparently nullified, Samsora came out its champion.

The event set itself as a part of the Smash World tour originally but later excluded points due to novel attendants. As the points would set up the Smash World Tour Circuit. It would pose to be unfair due to attendees not participating because of health concerns and travel restrictions. Top players like MkLeo did not participate.

However, the concluding event gave plenty of action and entertainment for viewers.

Ezra “Samsora” Morris won US$ 2000+ and Kolawole “Kola” Aideyan took home US$1000+ being the runnerup.

The winner celebrated the occasion with the following tweet:

eU Samsora Twitter:

In addition, the champion concluded to return a part of his winnings to the event as it oversaw a decline due to the COVID-19. It would have made a considerable difference CEO Dreamland would have stayed a part of the Smash World Tour and had gathered all top contenders for the champion title.

Overall, the conclusion still settles to be a boon for Smash Esports. It looks to be the last event for a while as well. This is because all events for the next two months are postponed to later dates.

The singles winner came out to be Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma who beat Colin “Colbol” Green in the grand finals.

His words were similar to the main champion who gave commendations to the manager of the event, Jebailey. This is the following tweet:

hungrybox Twitter:

Running the event under the given circumstances was verily a great feat, with the director try his utmost best for its success. The director event took the option of financial support as it did suffer due to the pandemic concerns.

To conclude, the event was a success, albeit a lesser one from original expectations. This predicts beneficial prospects for the event’s future which shall go on to grow more. The Corona pandemic looks to be overcome as well, giving all Esports events a breath of fresh air.

For any more information on CEO Dreamland 2020, visit their Official Website.


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