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Brawlhalla Tournament Canceled Over Coronavirus Fears

The Coronavirus disease has created fear for itself in the hearts of everyone all around the world. The disease can be spread easily from person to person, and this is why WHO has advised people to avoid large gatherings. Because of this very reason, the gaming industry has also gotten badly affected by it. Several gaming events including tournaments have been canceled over Coronavirus fears. And now, another company has announced today that they have decided to cancel an upcoming event to prevent the disease from spreading.

Brawlhalla Tournament Has Been Canceled

The developers of Brawlhalla recently announced that they have decided to cancel the Brawlhalla tournament which was scheduled to be held this week at CEO Dreamland. The announcement comes directly from the official Twitter account of the game. The devs also added that although “it sucks”, the decision has been made instantly to prevent more people from traveling. People shouldn’t worry a lot though as registered players will be offered an online alternative soon.

In response to the announcement, many fans claimed that they are not surprised by this considering the ongoing outbreak. Some even thanked the developers for caring about the safety of everyone including the players. Other games of CEO Dreamland have also started making individual announcements.

CEO Dreamland

For those who don’t know, CEO Dreamland is basically a tournament that focuses solely on Fighting Games. It is an annual tournament that features games such as Super Smash Bros, Brawlhalla, Mario Party 2, and many more. The first tournament of the series was announced back in 2017 and it featured almost every Super Smash Bros title that was out at that time. The most interesting thing about the 2020 CEO Dreamland is that it was announced almost a year ago, in April 2019. It was scheduled to be held from March 13 till 15 in Orlando. But now, because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we won’t get the chance to see it this year.

This isn’t the only tournament that has been canceled because of the Coronavirus. In fact, America’s biggest video game conference, E3 was also recently canceled because of the same reason. The organizers of the conference said that they made the “difficult decision” to cancel E3 2020 after “carefully consulting with their member companies” regarding the health and safety of everyone. Some developers have claimed that they are now going to find some new options to make digital announcements.

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