Apex Legends Pros Are Getting Tired Of Cheaters

 Apex Legends Pros Are Getting Tired Of Cheaters

Released back in February 2019, Apex Legends is widely regarded as one of the best battle royale games in the world. Within the first week of its release, almost 25 million players downloaded Respawn’s battle royale. This number later climbed to 50 million players at the end of its first month. However, although the game is really popular, there still exist some big problems in Apex. One of them is cheaters.

Hackers and cheaters are something present in almost every other game. There are some players who just don’t want to play by the rules. These cheaters use various software to make things easier for themselves. For instance, there is a software called “aimbot” which makes sure that every bullet hits the target no matter where you shoot. Since Apex Legends was released, the game has remained filled with such players. And now, it seems like some professional players are really tired of them.

Pros Talk About Cheaters in Apex Legends

Recently, some Apex Legends professional players and streamers expressed their feelings about cheaters on Twitter. One of NRG’s players “LuluLuvely” was one of the first ones to talk about this problem on their account. She questioned the developers about if cheaters are getting banned anymore in Apex or not. Shortly after her Tweet, many fans and even other pro players started agreeing with what she said.

Two other pro players, Liquid Mendo and C9 PVPX talked about how they aren’t happy with the current anti-cheat system of Apex Legends. Mendo claimed that the only way to bank hackers is by manually reporting them to the devs. However, getting in touch with the devs regularly is not something easy. PVPX, on the other hand, added that there needs to be a better way to deal with this issue.

While some were criticizing Respawn, others came to their defense. A popular Apex Legends content creator and data miner, iLootGames claimed that the developers are not solely responsible for this issue. He added that the Easy Anti-Cheat system of Apex Legends is one of the best anti-cheat systems in the world. However, cheaters have now found a lot of ways to bypass it. This is because they now have a lot of experience with this system.

In any case, Respawn has tried different methods, but they just can’t prevent new cheaters from appearing in the game. All we can do is wait and see whether the developers will be able to come up with something extraordinary or not.

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