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Apex Legends Players Might Enjoy An Easter Event Soon

Since Apex Legends was released, developer Respawn has introduced various in-game events in their battle royale. Most of these events were holiday-themed events, and they added new content along with a limited-time mode. Such events have always been well received by players, and this is the reason why Respawn never fails to miss a holiday. Now, it seems like players will soon get to enjoy another holiday-themed event.

Till today, Apex Legends players have enjoyed different themed events such as the Valentine’s Day event, the Halloween event, Christmas event, and a few more. All these events featured holiday-themed loot and a game mode that allowed players to enjoy something unique. For instance, the Halloween mode introduced a game mode that featured a night version of Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Easter Event

Considering that Easter is coming in a few weeks, Respawn Entertainment is preparing for it. Recently, a popular Apex Legends data miner ILootGames decided to do some digging in the game’s files and found something interesting. The latter discovered code strings that were linked with Pathfinder’s Heirloom boxing gloves. While the code strings hinted at possible new animations for the robot, this wasn’t what caught the attention of the data miner.

In the strings, the word “Easter’ was mentioned multiple times. This word was even mentioned in the code strings liked with Pathfinder’s new animations. While talking about this, the data miner claimed that some Easter content will soon make its way to the game.

Unfortunately, the data miner wasn’t able to discover exactly when these things will get added to the game. However, Easter is currently scheduled for Sunday, April 12. If Respawn follows the same schedule as they did for the previous holiday-themed event, then the Easter event might go live a few days before April 12. The event can last for two weeks or more. The Christmas event in fact lasted for around 26 days.

In any case, it will be exciting to see what the upcoming event is going to feature. Some even think that the Easter event might tie into the rumored Bloodhound Town Takeover. While Bloodhound has nothing to do with Easter, Respawn doesn’t really care about it. For instance, they tied Mirage’s event with the Christmas event. If this is the case, then players should prepare themselves to enjoy two new big events in April.

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