Apex Legends New Weapons Discovered By Data Miner

 Apex Legends New Weapons Discovered By Data Miner

Respawn Entertainment has added a lot of content to Apex Legends since the game was first released in February 2019. Players have enjoyed a variety of things including new cosmetic items, a new map, and much more. The thing which players love the most is new weapons. The developers have a habit of bringing new weapons to the game at the start of every season. Until now, a total of four weapons have been added: the Havoc, L-Star, Charge Rifle, and the Sentinel. And now, it seems like some new ones are in the works.

Respawn is well aware that they need to introduce more and more content to Apex Legends in order to give their competitors a difficult time. Now that Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone is also picking up the pace, they must further improve their game. It’s no surprise that Respawn has several weapons in development that are planned for upcoming seasons. Thanks to a data miner, we now know what these weapons could be.

Apex Legends Weapons In Development

A user on Reddit who goes by the name KralRindo shared some exciting new information. For those who don’t know, this user is a reliable Apex Legends data miner who has always discovered exclusive things. Recently, he got a hold of some videos in which some in-game characters are saying the name of some guns that are yet to get added in the game.

The first video featured the voice lines of Banglore, Caustic, and Pathfinder in which they were talking about the CAR SMG, EPG, and the Volt SMG. As for the second video, it had voice lines for the Rocket Launcher, Cold War, Softball, Grenade Launcher, and Archer. If you’ve played Titanfall 2, then you will be familiar with all these weapons as they were in that game.

One thing you should keep in mind here is that not all of these weapons are going to make their way to the game. Respawn once claimed that some of the content gets scrapped from development and it never gets added. This is why they have always asked players to take such leaks with a grain of salts and not to get their hopes high through them. But some of them will still get added to the battle royale, and this will happen in season 5. The upcoming season is currently expected to go live in the first week of May.

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