Apex Legends Might Get A Titanfall 2 Character

 Apex Legends Might Get A Titanfall 2 Character

Apex Legends players have so far enjoyed four new legends since the game’s release. The developers add only one new legend at the start of every season. This is why fans are always eagerly waited for a new season so that they can jump into battles with an even better character. Since February 2019, many leaks and rumors have surfaced claiming that there are several legends in development. A few of them have made their way to the game, while some are yet to be officially confirmed. And now, it seems like Respawn is planning to bring a character from the Titanfall universe.

Apex Legends New Charms Leaked

Respawn’s battle royale is filled with different cosmetic items. From character skins to weapon skins, the game offers everything. Recently, weapon charms have started to become a popular cosmetic item. Many players are trying their best to get their hands on a many as possible. The most popular one is the Bobblehead charms which feature the game’s character. If you’re a fan of them, then you will be excited to know that several of them have been leaked by a data miner that will most likely make their way to the game in the next season. But the thing which has left us surprised is that there is a Bobblehead charm of a character that has never been seen in Apex Legends.

Ash Might Become The Next Legend

The Bobblehead charm between Lifeline and Bloodhound’s charm is actually of Ash. While Apex players might not be familiar with this character, Titanfall 2 players will know him well. For those who don’t know, Ash is another project of Hammond Robotics, just like the Revenant. However, the thing which makes him different from the deadly robot is that he was created after the Battle of Typhoon in Titanfall 2 by Vinson Dynamics. The most interesting thing about him is that he was one of Kuben Blisk’s special lieutenants in the Apex Predators.

At the moment, it is yet to be confirmed whether Ash will actually make his way to the game or not. If he really is, then data miners will be able to find some new information regarding him in the game’s files. But Respawn has always warned fans that most of the stuff that gets leaked never makes its way to the game. This is why fans should always wait for the official announcement. Hammond Robotics has been slowly getting involved in Apex, and we’ll get to see some more of them in season 5.

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