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Apex Legends Kings Canyon Is Returning

Apex Legends players will be glad to know that their favorite old map, Kings Canyon is making a return in the game. That’s right, the developers have confirmed that the map is coming back and it will be available for the regular mode. However, the map will stay only for a limited time.

Apex Legends New Map

When Apex Legends was released, it only had one map, Kings Canyon. Throughout season 2, it remained the main map of the game and players spent a lot of time just to learn it. However, season 3 ended up totally changing the game as it replaced Kings Canyon with a brand new map. This left a lot of players disappointed as they weren’t happy with the decision.

The new map, called World’s Edge, is the current map of Apex Legends. The thing which annoyed many players was that they spent so much time studying Kings Canyon only for it to get replaced by another map. Some players even had a hard time adjusting to the new map. Most of the requested Respawn to add both maps to the game, but this was not possible. The developers claimed that if they add both maps, then the balance of the game will get completely ruined. Players who want to play in Kings Canyon would just keep on quitting every World’s Edge game.

Kings Canyon Is Returning

In order to keep players happy, Respawn has made Kings Canyon available for a few days over the past few months. We even got to experience a night version of the map during the Fight or Fright event. And now, the developers have confirmed that the old map is going to return once again on March 20. The map will be available for all modes till March 23, so you will have around four days to get the most out of it.

Some of you are already aware that Kings Canyon is also making a return in Ranked Play starting March 24. It will be staying in Ranked mode for a much longer time period. Season 4 has been basically divided into two splits. The first split, which is going to end on March 24, features World’s Edge in Ranked mode. However, the second split is going to feature the previous map. Sadly, the map won’t be available for regular matches, so you will have to start playing Ranked mode if you want to enjoy it again.

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