Apex Legends Evo Shield Has Been Permanently Added

 Apex Legends Evo Shield Has Been Permanently Added

Respawn Entertainment has been slowly adding new content to Apex Legends over the past few months. Just recently, they introduced the System Override Collection event. The new event added some new content along with a limited-time mode. However, the main highlight of the event was the Evo Shield.

For those who don’t know, Evo Shield was leaked by data miners some time ago. Many fans expected it to arrive at the start of season 4, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the shield arrived with the recently held event, and players absolutely loved it. The Evo Shield basically becomes more powerful as players deal more damage to their opponents. At first, the shield will have 25 power. As soon as you deal 100 damage, it will jump to 50, and so on.

Apex Legends Evo Shields Will Stay

When the shield was added to the game, Respawn claimed that it is going to be exclusive to the Deja Loot game mode. They also added that after the event ends, they will consider adding it to the game permanently, depending on the feedback they receive from players. And now, it seems like its addition was a success.

Developer Respawn was open about Evo Shield’s feedback, and they have now finally come to a decision. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from players, the Evo Shield has been permanently added to Apex Legends. This comes directly from the official Twitter account of Apex Legends where the developers confirmed that although System Override has ended, the Evo Sheilds are going to stay. In addition to this, the tweet has also confirmed that the shield will be available in Ranked, Play Apex, and even in the future limited-time modes.

Evo Shields have definitely changed Apex Legends for the better. The best thing about them is that even if you get killed while wearing a max level Evo Shield, your teammates can pick it up and use it at the same level. At the moment, many players are wondering if Respawn is going to introduce more Evo variants, such as Evo Backpacks, Evo Helmets, etc, in the future or not.

In any case, many players will be happy to hear about the Evo Sheild getting permanently added to the battle royale. Many were worried that they will not get the chance to enjoy the shield after the event ends, but Respawn has proved them wrong.

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