Apex Legends: Combined Map Idea Comes To The Surface

 Apex Legends: Combined Map Idea Comes To The Surface

Respawn Entertainment added a brand new map to Apex Legends in season 3. The new map is called “World’s Edge” and it features locations either filled with snow or lava. While some players were happy with it, others were disappointed. This is because the new map replaced the fan-favorite Kings Canyon. Since its replacement, players have requested Respawn to bring back the old map. However, Respawn claimed that if they brought both maps at the same time, then the balance will get ruined.

Despite this, Respawn has still added Kings Canyon back on several occasions for a few days. For instance, during the Halloween themed event, we got the chance to play in a night version of Kings Canyon. A few days back, the map was made available for all players for the weekend. Even right now, Kings Canyon is available in Ranked Mode until the end of season 4. However, some players still want the old map to return permanently.

Apex Legends Combined Map

Recently, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek shared a combined map concept that features the top locations from Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. For those who don’t know, Shroud was one of the first streamers who jumped into Apex when it was released. In fact, he was also invited by Respawn to test it during its development phase. This is why Shroud is one of the few who can genuinely criticize the game. Although he stopped focusing a lot on the game, he still posted the concept map on his Twitter.

The concept is originally created by an Apex Legends player on Reddit. His post on the social media channel blew as soon as he posted it. Many other Reddit users appreciated his concept and claimed that they would love to see it in the game. His post got so much attention that even Shroud ended up posting it on his Twitter. The concept features almost every fan-favorite location. These include the Epicenter, Skull Town, Harvester, Overlook, Lava City, The Dome, and many more.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to reveal whether they will work on something like this or not. Considering the post on Reddit is getting a lot of heat and even Shroud has not posted it, the developers will notice it soon. However, while it may be impossible to arrive in the normal modes, we can see such maps in limited-time modes. Apex Legends season 5 is also a month away, and it might feature a new map too.

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