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Apex Legends – Best Loot Spots in World’s Edge For This Season

Apex Legends has now entered the second split of season 4. The second half has brought back Kings Canyon to the game. But the disappointing part is that unlike the previous weekend, the old map has only returned to ranked mode, meaning that casual players cannot enjoy it. You shouldn’t worry a lot though as World’s Edge is as much fun as Kings Canyon. And if you’re someone whose sticking to casual mode, here are some of the best loot spots in the map.

Apex Legends Best Loot Spots – World’s Edge

First Spot

The first spot includes the Mirage Voyage, the Mining Pass, and the Train Yard. What you have to do is first land on the Mirage Voyage. This location first appeared during the Holo-Day Bash event and has since then been a hot landing spot in World’s Edge. The thing which players love the most about it is that it’s filled with amazing loot. However, keep in mind that a number of teams always land on it, so grab a weapon as soon as you land on it. If you survive, make your way to the Minning Pass where you’ll find six more loot bins. After you clear this area, head to the Train Yard where you will most likely find another enemy squad.

Second Spot

The second spot includes the Refinery, Survey Camp, and the Epicenter. Once you land at the Refinery, make sure to grab a weapon as quickly as possible as it is a popular landing spot. You will find more than 22 supply bins at this location along with some other loot scattered on the ground. Once you’re done looting the Refinery, make your way to the Survey Camp. This is the place where you can easily find some top weapons. Once you have enough loot, head to the Epicenter where you will have to engage in some serious gunfights.

Third Spot

The final spot we’ll suggest includes the Geyser, the Ridge, and the Sorting Factory. This area is considered one of the safest places to drop in World’s Edge. Not many teams land at this location, so you don’t have to worry about battling enemies right after landing. What you have to do is clear the area around the Geyser and the Ridge, and then make your way to the Sorting Factory. The final location is filled with around 45 supply bins. However, keep in mind that a lot of enemies will be wandering around this area.

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